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[SQL] Remove WooCommerce products by category name

We ingreate this function to DewKilo tool. You can go to manage your website then follow instruction. Go to manage your website, then press Remove Products In Remove Condition, select Remove by categories Then fill up your category name you want to remove products in Categories text block. You can enter multiple category name, split […]

[SQL] Optimize postmeta tables

With big data website with large number WooCommerce products, your website will lost time to process. It take long time to return your request. After research and try to optimize many large store. I summary and give you this best instruction. Optimize postmeta table wp_postmeta stores any additional information which is connected to a post […]

[Command] Reinstall WordPress core, themes, plugins – malware remover

This guide will help you reinstall core WordPress, Plugins and Themes without losing data. This will help you escapse from mailware. First, you need to install the wp cli command inteface by command below in SSH terminal. After that, go to the your website directory location with cd command. Example, I have a WordPress website […]